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big trucks toys toys semi trucks trucks toys for kids

big trucks toys toys semi trucks trucks toys for kidsDie cast Toy, diecast trucks, diecast semi trucks, trucks toys for kids, Cars, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Auto, Mitsubishi,...
From: bui huy
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Nowy Daf #3

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ATHS Classic Truck Show - Syracuse, NY

A variety of semi trucks seen at the 2014 ATHS CNY Chapter annual truck show. for more!
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2007 Kenworth T600B

S#: 161218. This Kenworth sleeper truck is available for sale at TCS in Strafford, MO! Call (866) 318-9827 for more details or visit us online to view truck specs at!
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DAF CF 440 2015 In detail review walkaround Interiro Exterior

Hello to goplh114 and a new goplh truck check. Today we present the 2015 DAF CF 440, enjoy the detail view in the interior and exterior.
From: goplh114
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Wheels Of Time, Richland Center, WI

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2007 Peterbilt 387 Conventional W/ Sleeper

S#: 693256. This sleeper truck is available for sale at TCS in Strafford, MO! Call (866) 318-9827 for more details or view truck specs online at!
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Wiers QuickTips DPF

Aftertreatment injectors maintenance and diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning advice from Wiers Fleet Partners and Wiers International Trucks of Indiana.
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What goes on 24-7.
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Commercial Trucks & Semi Trucks - Tampa, FL

Global Used Truck Sales is a commercial truck dealer in Tampa, FL. We buy, sale, consign & export box trucks, semi trucks, cargo vans, pick up trucks, refrigerated trucks, cabover, etc. We...
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auto for sale

used auto for sale auto for sale used auto for sale nj auto for sale by owner houston auto for sale by owner auto for sale houston full auto for sale auto for sale ny auto for sale sign auto...
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Sketchup made Mansion Estate pt 1.

Remember to watch in 720 or 1080p!!! Just a dream house I made years ago, I decided to bring life to it, add a dream aspect like if it was owned by a billionare. Just for fun... I have any...
From: t3true
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Squeaky Wheel Commentary by Steve Slocum- Traffic #19

The Squeaky Wheel Commentary aired on a Williston, ND radio station earlier this year, which broadcast to all of western North Dakota and eastern Montana. The purpose was to raise awareness...
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Alberta Car Crashed and Dragged by Semi

This car rear ended a semi and was dragged for 15 mins, before i was able to flag down the semi and stop him!! Highway 43, Alberta.
From: eddie456
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Share the road

Lots of vehicles of all size share our roads, cars, bikes, motorbikes and trucks. However, different vehicles come in different sizes, go at different speeds, and therefore have different needs....
From: NRMA
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Think C.A.R.B. Cares if Truckers Slide Backwards Down a Hill?

California Air Resources Board, better known as C.A.R.B. wants truckers to utilize low rolling resistance tires on big rigs. These specialized tires, with a lower profile tread, are said to...
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2006 International 9400 Conventional Sleepers

S#: 338047. SEVERAL UNITS AVAILABLE! Colors Vary. These International sleeper trucks are available at TCS in Strafford, MO! Call (866) 318-9827 for more details or visit us online to view truck...
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FUGLY Newer Model Big Rigs:Would YOU Drive One?

The trucking industry seems to be steering away from the long hood large cars and leaning toward of course more streamlined fuel efficient big rigs.... completely understandable and sensible,...
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Boeing 2 Man Operated Oversized Freightliner Truck

A common sight around the Seattle area are the Boeing overlength and oversize trucks operating down the highway since factories and supply centers are all mi...
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Tractocamion en Venta Kenworth T600 2002 Mexicano

Cummins 400HP 15 Velocidades. Mexicano Ubicación de la unidad: Hermosillo Contamos con sucursal en Toluca: Prolongación Isidro Fabela entre calle Ocote y cal...
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How A Walking Floor Trailer Works. With The Little Guy Trucker And His Dad

So I got to hang out with my dad at his job today and I always wanted to see how a walking floor trailer works. So now I get to show you. Let me know what ya...
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moving rocks

made i little vid this morning no money so home just playing and resting so just playing around with my two scaina trucks the smaller single axle truck is a ...
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Our Money Driven Trucking Industry

From Smart Trucking, THE DRIVER'S SEAT SERIES. Dave chats about what the main focus of the trucking industry is, if we are to be perfectly honest about it..... and that is MONEY. In fact,...
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Owner Operator Interview - Brinker Transportation

While at the 2014 Mid America Trucking Show Robert Brinker of Grayling, Michigan talks about the inspiration for his pirate themed 2000 Freightliner Classic ...
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Raven Transports LNG Day Cabs

So I didn't have anything to do today so they had me shuttling trucks back and forth for there routine maintenance. The trucks are Peterbilt LNG (Liquid Natu...
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