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Truckers MUST DEMAND Safe Parking

The lack of parking..... safe parking for truckers has been a much talked about issue in the trucking industry. Talked about and talked about and not really much done about it. The FMCSA had...
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Fierce Fuel Systems wants you to "join the revolution" in fuel savings. Introducing the X2O Diesel Water Emulsion System. By adding 20% water to you fuel via our on-board system you can...
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HPI WR8 RC Ford Fiesta Ken Block Gymkhana 5 with the Semi Trucks! On-Board Cam on Walkera QR X350

HPI WR8 RC Ford Fiesta Ken Block Gymkhana 5 with the Semi Trucks! On-Board Cam on Walkera QR X350 HPI WR8 Driver: Marpek Walkera QR X350 pilot: Zax13 Semi Truck Drivers: SGCrawlers On ...
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DIESELSELLERZ CREW: #RedBeard's Cummins takes the Freedom Bus for the long haul

BuiltDiesel5 is underway! Check out one of our giveaway trucks, #RedBeard's 2010 Cummins doin' work as it hauls the DieselSellerz Freedom Bus! Click here to enter:
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Custom Big Sleeper Trucks Collection

Back in the '80's and '90's custom sleeper berths on big trucks were THE way to go for the long haul trucker. Conveniences and lots of space were built in to these truck bunks. However, there...
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Mega Fawna Transport & Truck and Tractor Show - TRUCKSTOP TV

Join Truckstop TV as we discover the logistics of transporting some of Australia's most unique cargo. We also have a chat with Phil Neale about his 1937 Chevrolet Truck. Green's Transport is...
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10-28-14 M2U05468 TRUCKS FOR COKE, WALMART, CVS, CONWAY, FED X, BOYCOT EM???? World's Largest Truck Convoy Rolls Through Virginia UH, THE OLYMPICS WAS JUNE 2014 SO ...
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ALERT! Police Block Interstate 64 In Virginia for Hundreds of Con-Way Semis! You can follow the link below to watch the full video:
From: DAHBOO77
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Owner Operator Interview - Davis Brothers Trucking

While at the 2014 Mid America Trucking Show, Brian Davis of Davis Brothers talks about the build of the 2005 379 Peterbilt called "Super Freak" Caterpillar 5...
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ATHS Classic Truck Show - Syracuse, NY

A variety of semi trucks seen at the 2014 ATHS CNY Chapter annual truck show. for more!
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2007 Kenworth T600B

THIS UNIT HAS BEEN SOLD! S#: 161218. This Kenworth sleeper truck is available for sale at TCS in Strafford, MO! Call (866) 318-9827 for more details or visit us online to view truck specs...
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What goes on 24/7 - kind of how I feel about our current fossil fuel extraction industry and all the transportation technology that currently depends on it.
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Share the road | NRMA Advocacy

Lots of vehicles of all size share our roads, cars, bikes, motorbikes and trucks. However, different vehicles come in different sizes, go at different speeds...
From: NRMA
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FUGLY Newer Model Big Rigs:Would YOU Drive One?

The trucking industry seems to be steering away from the long hood large cars and leaning toward of course more streamlined fuel efficient big rigs.... compl...
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Boeing 2 Man Operated Oversized Freightliner Truck

A common sight around the Seattle area are the Boeing overlength and oversize trucks operating down the highway since factories and supply centers are all mi...
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Police escort semis carrying portable houses Regina,Sask

Tractocamion en Venta Kenworth T600 2002 Mexicano

Cummins 400HP 15 Velocidades. Mexicano Ubicación de la unidad: Hermosillo Contamos con sucursal en Toluca: Prolongación Isidro Fabela entre calle Ocote y cal...
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How A Walking Floor Trailer Works. With The Little Guy Trucker And His Dad

So I got to hang out with my dad at his job today and I always wanted to see how a walking floor trailer works. So now I get to show you. Let me know what ya...
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moving rocks

made i little vid this morning no money so home just playing and resting so just playing around with my two scaina trucks the smaller single axle truck is a ...
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Our Money Driven Trucking Industry

From Smart Trucking, THE DRIVER'S SEAT SERIES. Dave chats about what the main focus of the trucking industry is, if we are to be perfectly honest about it......
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Owner Operator Interview - Brinker Transportation

While at the 2014 Mid America Trucking Show Robert Brinker of Grayling, Michigan talks about the inspiration for his pirate themed 2000 Freightliner Classic ...
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Raven Transports LNG Day Cabs

So I didn't have anything to do today so they had me shuttling trucks back and forth for there routine maintenance. The trucks are Peterbilt LNG (Liquid Natu...
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More LCV Rants: Toronto, ON - Montreal, PQ Truck Driver VLOG #8 Dave is headed to Brockville, ON from Toronto, ON, along the 401 highway, one of the busiest stre...
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guilty by association truck show 2014 joplin

guilty by association truck show joplin 2014 lots of semi trucks parked on joplin main street video footage and photos from the event chrome shop mafia.
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Semi Trucks in Rapid City Season 3 Episode 1

Get ready and get set for another great season of Semi Trucks in Rapid City.
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